Bengal cat is a highly intelligent breed characterized by its wild, leopard-like appearance.

Due to its beautiful coat, but mostly because of its loving and playful dog-like characteristics, the Bengal has quickly become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.


The first cross between a domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat happened in the United States in the early 60s. The goal was to create a domestic cat with the extraordinary beauty and wild appearance of a tiny leopard. 

In the beginning, breeds such as the Abyssinian, the Egyptian Mau and the American short hair were also used by breeders, in order to define the desired look of the Bengal cat.

The first three generations from the breeding with the Asian Leopard Cat are known as hybrids (F1 to F3). Only the females are fertile, and they are not permitted to participate in exhibitions.

The Bengal is considered as a domestic breed as of the fourth generation, also called SBT (stud book traditional) on pedigrees.

Bengal cat was officially recognized as new breed by TICA (International Feline Association) in 1983. 


Bengal cats are best-known for their striking coat markings, long, muscular bodies, and appearance that resembles a small wild cat. 

The shape and build of a Bengal is similar to its wild ancestor, with a broad head which is slightly longer than it is wide, with high cheekbones and medium-sized broad-based ears.

The nose is large and broad with a slightly puffed leather, and the muzzle is rounded with prominent whisker pads. Large oval eyes may be deep shades of green, gold or hazel, and include blue and aqua in the case of the Snow .

The body is sleek and muscular with strong legs - the hind legs being a little longer - and the paws large and rounded. The short, dense coat feels soft and very luxurious. 


Bengals are extremely smart, active and alert cats. In fact, they are consider to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world. 

Over the years, responsible breeders made sure to pick Bengals with the most affectionate temperaments in order to make the breed more domesticated. With proper socialization, they are very sweet, loving and loyal to their owners. 

Bengal cats are outgoing, playful and energetic animals. They love all sorts of activities; including jumping, climbing and playing fetch. 

Bengals are social cats and like to play with dogs, children and other cats. They can easily become bored if left alone for a long period of time so it's always best if they have a companion.

Because of their high intelligence, Bengal cats are easy to train to. They can quickly learn to sit, give high-five and walk on leash. Bengals are also known for their love of water.