Before getting a Bengal cat, it is better to know if the Bengal cat personality and temperament of this amazing breed is right for you. 

The Bengal cat might not be the right pet for everyone - especially not for first-time cat owners. Although their quirky personality makes them fun to live with, it can occasionally be challenging. They require a lot of interaction and activity because they are incredibly intelligent, sociable, curious, energetic and playful. 

From my experience, their unique dog-like personality is what makes them so different from other cats. Because of their never-ending urge to fulfill their curiosity, a Bengal cat will never leave you bored.

Having said that, keep in mind that Bengal cats need a loving and active family that can give them the psychical and mental stimulation they need. When you have a Bengal in your home there will never be a dull moment that's for sure.



Bengal cats are known as one of the most intelligent cat breeds. They need to be intellectually stimulated with lots of cats toys and activities. Give a Bengal cat a decent puzzle toy that will test their intelligence, and they'll be hooked!

They are excellent at picking up tricks. Similar to dogs, they are easy to train and can be taught to perform simple tricks like "sit," "lay down," and "high five." However, they may also lift up trash can lids and learn how to open doors and cabinets, or even switch lights off and on.

Bengals have a fantastic memory. Which can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. For example, if they get stuck in a room all day, they will avoid that same place for several weeks. They can also recognize human gestures and expressions, and they adapt their behavior to it. 

Bengals can be chatty and vocal, especially when they want something from you (like food for example), but it's usually not excessive or disturbing.


One of the things that is very common with Bengals is their love of water! Don't be shocked if your Bengal decide to join you in the shower or bathtub or swims next to you in the pool. 

These cats love flowing water and faucets. They occasionally even like to drink by dipping their paw into the water dish and licking it off before drinking. Be careful if you have an aquarium, because Bengals are avid hunters and fishers.


Since these cats are great climbers, they require a large amount of vertical area. The higher up, the better. The Bengal can often be found perched at the highest reachable point in the home, making tall cat trees a superb diversion.


One of the biggest Bengal cat personality traits is that they are extremely active breed. Bengals are the Ferrari's of the cat world. They have an endless supply of batteries and need to play lot to get their energy out. It is essential to have a wide selection of toys available to satisfy their intelligence and their need to be stimulated.

It's important to make sure the toys you give them are interactive in some way, as well as ones that require thought or force them to figure out a method to get a reward out of it. They need this because otherwise they tend to get bored.

 Bengals also love all kind of feathery toys that challenge their hunting skills. 


One of the first things you will learn about Bengal cats is that they are a lot of fun to have as a member of your family. However, this does not mean that they are meant for everyone. If you are expecting a calm cat that's going to be content just laying around and being lazy most of the day, then a Bengal cat is definitely not for you.

You need to be aware that they love playing, exploring, and following you around so they can participate in your daily activities. In comparison to the majority of other domestic cats, they are far more active and curious. 

They are amazed of everything new! They often want to enter in the closets and cabinets just to see what's inside. Because of their never-ending urge to fulfill their curiosity, a Bengal cat will never leave you bored. 

They'll entertain you with their amazing antics, such as their lack of fear of the water. You might walk into the kitchen one day and find your Bengal cat tossing their food into their water bowl and then slapping their paws in the water just for the fun of it. 

If the water is dripping from the faucet, don't be surprised if you find your cat in the kitchen sink. They just seem to be really fascinated with water. 

You also might want to keep the lid down on your toilet, too. This tends to be a real favorite of many Bengals. The toilet is something that often like play in and because they are so smart many of them can teach themselves to flush it just so they can watch the swirling water go down.

Don't be shocked if occasionally some of your things go missing. You might think you've misplaced your keys or some other tiny object and then suddenly find these missing objects in weird and unusual places. Bengal cat alert! Most likely, you didn't misplace the item but your Bengal cat took it from you and hid it.

They enjoy stealing things, especially shiny items that catch their attention, and hiding them in their own secret spaces. I personally find these Bengal behavioral quirks quite similar to having a toddler. Life with a Bengal cat is never boring.

As for loyalty, a Bengal cat is possibly the most devoted domestic cat you will ever meet. Once they have become part of the family they will protect what they feel is rightfully theirs and they will always show their loyalty to their family members. Despite being friendly to other people, they would never abandon the one they love for someone they just met.

With a Bengal cat, you have a friend for life .