How to reserve a Bengal kitten?

If you are interested in our kittens, feel free to contact us anytime. But to make things a little bit easier, here is a step-by-step guide on how we make reservations and evaluate future homes for our babies.


We are a small cattery with not so many litters through the year. For that reason, we usually have a waiting list for our kittens. It's an informative, non-paid list as we don't take deposits until the kittens are born.

Before we get you on the waiting list, we would like to answer any questions you may have. Together we will come to conclusion if the Bengal cat is the right breed for you and your lifestyle. We want to make sure our babies are going to the best possible homes where they will be treated as members of the family.

If you have decided you want a Bengal kitten from us, you will be added to the waiting list or offered a kitten if we have one available. Families from our waiting list will get an e-mail or a message when the kittens are born.


At approximately 3 weeks of age, we will take individual photos of the kittens and send them to you so you can choose you baby. After the selection, you will get an e-mail with an invoice for deposit payment and an example of pet contract for you to read. When we receive the deposit, your kitten is reserved. The rest of the payment is made upon taking over the kitten.

* Note that some kittens can be on hold for breeding evaluation but may become available later.


Before going to the new home, your kitten will be fully vet checked, vaccinated 2 times with trivalent vaccine against infectious diseases, microchipped, dewormed and free of any internal or external parasites. If the baby is leaving the country, it must be vaccinated against rabies as well. Kitten will be well socialized and accustomed to different sounds and smells. 

We take early socialization very serious as we want to make sure all of our babies will develop into affectionate, gentle and confident kittens that are easy to handle.

Kittens will leave to their new homes with:
EU passport, contract of sale, pet carrier, Royal Canin Kitten Food Start Pack, toys and a blanket. Delivery can be arranged but all costs are upon the buyer.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!