Pra-b N/N, PK Def N/N

HCM & PKD normal

Date of birth: 22.07.2022.

Anakin is our first keeper boy, a son of Mau and Tory. We love his outstanding coat with unique markings, expressive face and a wonderful personality. He is a handsome little guy that looks like a chocolate chip cookie and he's definitely sweet as one!

I knew he was special from the moment he was born. Not only he is absolutely gorgeous but his lovable temperament is what makes him a perfect representative of the Bengal breed. 

He is extremely smart, well-socialized, dog-like cat that enjoys being around people and our pets. He likes to stick his nose in everyone's business and we love that about him.

Anakin has dense, luxurious glitter coat with black outlined two-toned rosettes placed in horizontal flow on a light background, correct profile, well placed ears, prominent whisker pads, wide nose bridge, expressive eyes, muscular body and a thick tail. 

Show results: 25.-26.02.2023. - WCF International Show, Zagreb - EX 1 CACJ x 3, Nomination BIS x 2, Best in Variety, Best in Show Junior SH x 2, Best Junior 2nd. 23.-24.09. WCF Word Show, Karlovac - EX 1 CAC. WCF International Show Zagreb 27.01. - EX 1 CAC. Anakin is a Junior Champion and he is now opened championship in adult category.

Anakin became adult Champion at the WCF International cat show in Correggio, Italy on 20.04.2024. and he was nominated for Best in Show.


Pra-b N/N, PK Def N/N

HCM & PKD normal

Date of birth: 01.03.2023.

I will be forever grateful to Ullis from KungsgardenCats for the opportunity to have this beautiful cat in our breeding program. Makai is super sweet and has a promising show temperament. He is calm and patient with kids and other cats. His favorite thing is to play hide & seek under the blanket.

We are blown away by his impressive body structure, strong muzzle, super-short shiny coat and wild face expression. Makai weights 6 kg at 6,5 months of age so he is going to be a really big boy! Looking forward to see his further development.


Pra-b N/N, PK Def N/N

HCM & PKD: to be done

Date of birth: 20.08.2023.

Napoleon aka Neo is our new boy, imported from Russia in April 2024. It was love at first sight! He has many qualities that we like and looking for in a bengal therefore he will be a great asset to our breeding program. Neo has beautiful clear coat with jet-black outlined rosettes, wonderful profile, strong chin, expressive eyes, excellent ear set and long and muscular body. He already had some great show results at WCF international cat show in Russia. 

Neo also has the sweetest temperament! He is always in the mood for cuddles and playing with our kids. We feel very lucky that he had joined our family and looking forward to his kittens in the near future.  


Pra-b N/N,PK Def N/N

HCM & PKD normal

Date of birth: 25.01.2021.

Sire: I.Ch. Karat Spotty Gold

Dam: Ch. Eleon Rich Josephine


Fedele aka Mau is a golden brown Bengal with a glitter coat and the most beautiful set of emerald green eyes.

From the day we had him, he enriched our lives in so many ways. I love his sweet temperament, the way he makes funny faces and meows when he has to say something (which is quite often).

He is our gentle giant, a big boy with the softest heart. I'm grateful to his breeder Elena who did such a good job on socializing him when he was a kitten. He is a total lap cap and enjoys cuddles with our kids and other cats.

Mau has super soft glittery fur, symmetrical donut rosettes without rib bars, good profile, ears wide at the base, correct tail, big spotted paws, wide nose bridge and some degree of countershading. 

Mau is neutered in December 2023 and living his best life a pet.